German passport for sale

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buy fake and real German passports and passports of all countries of the world we are professionals and we have been doing this for more than seven years today and we have customers in every part of the world We offer only original high-quality fake and real passports of all countries in the world . We are the best producers of quality German passports
We process and produce real valid and registered German passports that our clients can use to travel and work in any part of the world without any problems
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Our real German passports are issued by the German government and we produce the unregistered ones .We produce both Real and Fake German Passports. The Real German Passports will have all your information registered in the database system of the Country and if the Passport is Checked at the Airport, all your information will show up in the data checking machine so the Passport will be legal. We also produce Fake German  Passports for some clients who wishes to use the Passport just for camouflage purpose and do not intend to use it legally. The fake German  passport Look just the same as the real one with the same quality and secret features the only difference is that the real German passport is registered into the system and can be verified meanwhile the fake German  passport is not registered and can not be verified . The only different is that this Fake German passport will not have it’s information registered in the system. So if it is checked in any airport scan it will detect Fake. So we always advise our clients to let us produce them the real German  Passport so that they can legally use it Our real documents are registered in the government database, and all our passport are bio metric and scannable which you can use them to travel to any part of the world without any problem . we work with many embassies in the world, so when a customer commands for a real passport, we will issue the passport and give them so the passport can be registered into the database,
for  more information contact us at:

whatsapp:+1 682 703 0121


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